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Zacua: The First Electric Car Assembled by Women in Mexico

Mexican-owned electric car brand, Zacua, is making waves in the automotive industry by being the first car to be assembled entirely by a team of women. The brand’s commitment to promoting environmentally-friendly cars and creating opportunities for women in the sector has earned it praise from around the world.

Zacua team

Zacua Team | Photo via Instagram Nazareth Black

Founded by entrepreneur Nazareth Black, Zacua is taking on the male-dominated car industry by employing a team of women mechanics in its Puebla factory. Every Zacua vehicle is handmade by women, offering opportunities for them to excel in the industry. This is a significant achievement in a sector where women are underrepresented and often face barriers to entry.

Zacua is also committed to reducing pollution and bringing environmentally-friendly cars to Mexico. As gas prices continue to rise, the unveiling of Zacua’s electric cars comes at the right time. The car battery takes 8 hours to fully charge, giving you 100 miles per charge, and the vehicles can run up to 53 miles per hour. Zacua offers two models, the MX2 and MX3, starting at $599,900 MXN.

In addition to creating innovative and eco-friendly cars, Zacua is planning to open 150 charging stations in Mexico City to promote the use of electric cars and reduce pollution. The brand’s commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability is commendable and sets an example for other companies in the sector.

The success of Zacua’s all-female team is a symbol of how diversity and inclusion can lead to innovation and success. By providing opportunities for women in the automotive industry and promoting eco-friendly vehicles, Zacua is setting a new standard for socially responsible businesses. The brand’s commitment to empowering women and promoting environmental sustainability is an inspiration to all.






Posted on: April 19th, 2023 by TheLatinaDaily

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