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Purpose Toys to Launch ‘Latinistas,’ The World’s First All-Latina Fashion Dolls

Purpose Toys, an independent toy brand, is launching its first-ever toy line dedicated to the Latina community. According to a recent press release, Purpose Toys LATIN aims to uplift and celebrate the Latino community through its culturally-focused division.

The company’s Latine division is set to launch “Latinistas,” a captivating ensemble of Latina dolls meticulously crafted to celebrate the rich beauty and incredible diversity within the Latino community. Purpose Toys guarantees that the “Latinistas” collection will feature an array of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors, hair textures, facial features, and countless other captivating details.

The lineup of dolls, called “Las Amigas,” features Lola, Liv, Julianna, and Dani, each possessing their own unique and stunning hairstyles and sense of style. Capturing the diverse fashion expressions and distinctive styles found within various Latina cultures.

What sets Latinistas apart is that they will be the first all-Latina line of fashion dolls available at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon. This marks a significant step in providing much-needed cultural authenticity in the toy market. The dolls are set to be launched in August 2023, and their arrival is eagerly anticipated by many.

Latinistas represents a step forward in diversifying the toy industry and providing children of Latin American heritage with dolls that authentically represent them. These dolls will not only empower and inspire young Latinx children but also promote inclusivity and appreciation for diverse cultures among all children who engage with them.

The dolls will be available August on Amazon, Target & Walmart.

Posted on: June 21st, 2023 by TheLatinaDaily

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