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Exclusive: Latina Actors and Writers Stay United in Support of the SAG-AFTRA Strike

Los Angeles, California — Actors and writers have united on the picket lines to show their support for the SAG-AFTRA strike. The collaborative effort, which marks the first time in 63 years that actors have joined writers on strike, is sending a powerful message about the importance of unity and recognition within the entertainment industry.

At the forefront of this movement is “Latinas Acting Up,” a community created by Diana Maria Riva, actor and proud member of the SAG-AFTRA union. With its founding mission to amplify the voices of Latinas in entertainment, the group has not only advocated for fair treatment but has also provided a space for Latina creatives to come together and support one another.

On August 4th, the Latinas Acting Up community commemorated their 22nd day on strike at Sony Studios. This gathering showcased an atmosphere of enthusiasm, joy, and support. In the face of challenging negotiations, actors, writers, and other industry professionals demonstrated their unity through various activities such as music performances, flash mobs, and food.

Gina Torres,  actress and advocate for equitable representation, spoke passionately about the shared message of unity during an interview with The Latina Daily. Torres emphasized that the actors and writers have come to understand their intrinsic value, acknowledging the joy, empathy, and diversity they bring to the screen. “We’ve realized our value, we know what we bring to the table, we know that we bring joy, we know that we are mirrors of humanity. We know that what we do is about passion, and understanding and building bridges, and no one can tell us that that’s not valuable,” she stated.

Actor, Gabriela Bonet, shared that relying solely on her acting career isn’t financially viable, compelling her to maintain a second job to make ends meet. 

Maria Canals-Barrera addresses the importance of unification for fairness and advocating for livable wages. She underscores the current era as pivotal not only for present-day actors but also for future generations. Furthermore, she hopes to witness an increased infusion of diversity of narratives for the Latino community.

The strike has not only brought forth important negotiations but has also ignited discussions surrounding diversity and fair treatment within the industry. Latinas Acting Up has served as an inspiring example of how communities can come together to advocate for change and stand up for their rights.

Posted on: August 11th, 2023 by TheLatinaDaily

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