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The Story of Brenda Flores Robles

Brenda Flores

My name is Brenda Flores Robles and this is my story…

            To be a Latina means to be like some seasoning blend of all Latino cultures in one. It makes me proud to be a Latina because we are made with love and have a service heart. I am humble and compassionate. I’ll share half of my enchilada plate with you. I am also a very understanding person. The women who inspired me are women who lead. Women who take charge of their own lives inspire me. They don’t back down and they definitely brush off those haters’ comments and know that they are only views from their own perspectives.    

 I had to overcome doubting myself of who I truly can be by jumping into everything that sets my heart on fire. I’ve learned that by doing that there is nothing to it. Just get to work. My purpose is to contribute to the world through the arts. 

I am also an author on Kindle Amazon who writes to heal, inspire, and educate. I have an entrepreneur spirit and I make handmade hair bows and earrings under Trinity and Tulip. My daughter‘s name Trinity and my favorite flower Tulip. I am really proud of 2020 because that is where this year has made me reflect on life and really sit down with myself on what I want to do with my life and because of that moment I stepped into the woman I was meant to be.

Posted on: October 20th, 2020 by TheLatinaDaily

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