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Are there times when you feel like letting your inner chingona out, but there is something stopping you?

Here, I will explain what I mean by this:

Life is funny. If there is something I have learned is that you need to learn to see the humor in your situation and there will be less chaos in the process. If we learn how to laugh at our troubles, then, they don’t seem as severe and chaotic anymore. I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel the way you are feeling at all. I am only bringing light to the issue that often we drown in. If anything, I believe our issues come to empower us or demand us.

Empower us to move forward and overcome our fears or demand us to either fail or get back up on our feet when we fail. It is our choice to choose the path we want. Has your path chosen to fail or have you chosen to fail your plan?

I hope that we can create a community of women that inspire each other to be and feel better. There is enough negativity already. We need to start within ourselves to create better things in our lives. This will enable us to surround ourselves with positivity. It is like the law of attraction. If you want something, you can’t just say to the universe, “I want this.” No. You also have to work for that goal. Your goal should always be to be better than you were yesterday. If we work on ourselves, we work for a better future.

The chingona life comes with its repercussions.

I believe in the power of believing. Believing in yourself and in the process.

I have always been a person of ambition. My problem has always been with trying to organize all the things I want to accomplish one by one.

My only hope is that in my own process of achieving my goals, you feel empowered to achieve yours.

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